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What is Syber-SakŪ?

Syber-SakŪ is a clear plastic disposable keyboard cover that surrounds the entire computer keyboard.  It was designed and developed by a dental hygienist with over 25 years of experience to protect the computer keyboard from bacteria, blood, contaminants, and dust, thus helping to prevent the spread of disease.  It is engineered to slip easily on and off the computer keyboard.


Our Mission

Scher Industries chief concern is protecting the public and dental and medical personnel from being exposed  to harmful bacteria and contaminants as well as extending the life of the computer keyboard.

Company Profile

Scher Industries was started in May, 1999, to promote and distribute the Syber-SakŪ.  It was born out of a need to protect the operator of a dental digital imaging system, from being exposed to contaminants, disease, and bacteria. 

 Developed to protect a single individual, it soon became obvious that the need was not isolated to a single office, but there was a need in all aspects of the dental and medical fields, including hospitals and laboratories.         

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   (904) 737-6063

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